Fresh Darjeeling: 1st Flush Teas of 2015

This post is about the fresh arrival of Darjeeling first flush teas of 2015 at Darjeeling Tea Boutique. The arrival of teas for the first flush 2015 had stated from early February 2015 with the arrival of fresh and delicious … Continue reading

News at Darjeeling Tea Boutique for October 2013

A very warm greeting to all this holiday season. What’s new at Darjeeling Tea Boutique? Well, we have catalogued a new set of teas for all Darjeeling Tea lover. Oolongs from Thurbo Tea Estate and Sencha from Badamtam Tea Estate. … Continue reading

Darjeeling Tea – Ging Tea Garden – A vintage Picture

 A vintage picture of Ging Tea Estate dating back to the early 1900s.


Darjeeling Tea Garden

Darjeeling Tea Garden


Darjeeling Tea






( No Flavour Finer )



Darjeeling Tea – Dooteriah Autumn Flush 2012

Darjeeling Tea – Autumn Flush Tea 2012 – Dooteriah Tea Estate

Autumn Tea of Darjeeling, Dooteriah tea estate

Darjeeling Tea – Autumn Flush Tea 2012 from Dooteriah Tea Estate


Darjeeling Tea Boutique announces the arrival of fresh Autumn loose leaf Darjeeling teas from Dooteriah tea estate.

This Darjeeling autumn flush tea is characterised by its bold and round liquor with strong hints of musk as is apparent from the picture. of the liquor of Dooteriah Autumn flush 2012, shown below.


Darjeeling Tea Liquor

Liquor of Darjeeling Autumn Flush 2012 from Dooteriah Tea Estate