Darjeeling First Flush Tea

First Flush Darjeeling Tea 2018 ( Spring Tea)

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Darjeeling teas grown and manufactured during the Spring season of the Indian subcontinent, that is, between late February and mid April, are classified as Spring teas or the first flush teas.
Normally the best of Darjeeling first flush teas are available from mid March, but with changes in patterns of weather, crop, altitude and other related factors do add up to good quality productions earlier than expected.
The first flush teas are characterized by light, clear and bright liquor got from the young green leaves and imparts brisk flavors which ranges from being fruity with subtle hints of astringency if brewed a bit longer than usual.  Darjeeling first flush teas are light greenish in colour with a bit of yellowish brown hue and are much sought after the world over.

The dry leaves of the first flush teas of Darjeeling are greenish in color because of the incomplete oxidation which gives it more of an Oolong like characteristics. Each gardens of Darjeeling have a characteristics of its own and varies from year to year apart from the subtle variation got from various batch of teas. The liquor of Darjeeling first flush teas are light in color, unlike the second flush teas of Darjeeling.

Darjeeling Tea Boutique ensures that only the fresh teas from the best tea gardens of the Darjeeling hills are cataloged for its tea lovers, hence in an attempt towards that goal, DTB ensures that all tea lovers would get only fresh teas, that is, Darjeeling first flush teas grown and produced only in the current year.

The Darjeeling first flush teas are best enjoyed without milk.