Respecting the above par standards maintained by the tea gardens and the tea boards, Darjeeling Tea Boutique too adheres strictly to some of its own in order to enrich the already crowned quality and popularity of Pure Darjeeling Teas.

1.Darjeeling Tea Boutique ensures that the teas are delivered fresh, i.e. straight from the garden to its tea lovers. No time wasted. This minimizes loss of flavour with time decay.

2.Arrangements are made so that the buyer gets 24 hours response after the orders are placed.

3.Believing strongly in the adage that an expert is one who knows more & more about less & less, Darjeeling Tea Boutique specializes only in Pure Darjeeling Teas and no other, because one cannot keep innumerous others, and simultaneously claim all others, to be equally best. Darjeeling Tea has no comparison. It is the only best.

4.We acknowledge the treasures of good health and wish them to be imbibed by all humans, and thus, catalogues the most varieties of fresh organic green & white teas, the health and healing properties of which have been clinically proven.

5.To add more flexibility, Darjeeling Tea Boutique has a free trial offer for its tea lovers. The buyer samples the teas for free. A win-win situation.


Secure & Safe Shopping

Thinking is the talking of the soul with itself & Darjeeling Tea Boutique too thinks as a buyer, for its buyers.

It values peace of mind & joyous shopping and thus adheres to stringent privacy & security policy. It accepts contents & payments only through those payment gateways which command top notched security & safety features.

A rock solid 256 bit SSL encryption means that the SSL creates an encrypted connection between our web server and your web browser allowing for private information to be transmitted without the problems of eavesdropping, data tampering, or message forgery, which cannot be tampered with by today’s technology.

The trust Paypal has of over 100 million active users & banks globally cannot be overlooked.

For a complete security, the site is monitored 24×7 for suspicious elements and is site locked by Sitelock™ with their state of the art protective technologies which means complete peace of mind and joyous shopping.


Shipping Policy

We do not charge any taxes or duties during invoicing. Any extra taxes/ custom duties have to be borne on your part, at your end, upon receipt of the parcel as an when required depending on each country and its inbound parcel rules or as is applicable. Buyers are requested to check if customs duty is levied at their addresses.


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