Darjeeling Tea Boutique was established in the year 2012 with the sole intention to act as a facilitator and an agent to reach out the pure and premium Darjeeling loose leaf teas, directly from the gardens, to the cups of its tea lovers.


Since, pure and fresh Darjeeling loose leaf teas are rarely available elsewhere other than Darjeeling itself, we feel fortunate enough to be a medium to source the best of Darjeeling looses leaf teas to its tea connoisseurs worldwide, thus abiding by the rules laid by the Tea Act, 1953, thereby aiding the functions of the Tea Board of India, as per the guidelines laid in the act under section 10, sub-section (2)h, which states –


“… increasing the consumption of tea in India & elsewhere of tea & carrying on propaganda for that purpose.”


And under section 10, sub-section (2)j, which states –


“… improving the marketing of teas in India & elsewhere.”



Darjeeling Tea Boutique functions according to the Tea Distribution Export Control Order, 2005, published in the gazette of India Extraordinary part II, section 3, sub-section (ii) under the government of India, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, under section 3(b) and section 3(e)

and is managed by Niranjan Naulakha, a fourth generation resident of the Darjeeling hills.