Fresh Darjeeling: 1st Flush Teas of 2015

This post is about the fresh arrival of Darjeeling first flush teas of 2015 at Darjeeling Tea Boutique.

The arrival of teas for the first flush 2015 had stated from early February 2015 with the arrival of fresh and delicious teas from an organic Darjeeling tea garden named Poobong, a tea estate which is located between Ghoom and Sukhiaphokhari. A small lot which was sufficiently withered to be fit enough for world consumption. Nevertheless the stock updated as of today tells speaks volumes for its taste. It got sold out before the end of March of 2015.

The picture below is the bright liquor of the first flush tea 2015 from Poobong.




As of today, 29th March 2015, we have had the opportunity to taste various other teas from the top tea estates of Darjeeling which are famed to produce the best of Darjeeling first flush teas but could sieve only two more teas which were good enough for our tea lovers.


The first being an orthodox, delicately made tea with full of blooming tips from Jungpana tea estate. To those who know the type of teas Jungpana produces there is no need any further introduction to what type and quality this tea estate is capable of producing.

This is the same tea estate which have been consistently producing better Darjeeling teas in the world scenario and at a coupe of times even bettered the best tea producing regions of Darjeeling.



The other tea that is available as of today, the 29th March is an amazing organic Darjeeling first flush tea from Goomtee tea estate. This tea has been withered and rolled to the perfect proportion so as to yield a top quality first flush tea found else where. A tea estate which is known to experiment and introduce better tea knowledge into its tea making processes, we are expecting one of the best Darjeeling Oolongs to arrive from this tea estate.



In the weeks to follow, we at Darjeeling Tea Boutique will be cataloging more fine teas of first flush 2015. Please get updated at our social feeds or subscribe to our newsletters to get the latest news directly in your inbox.



This is an update dated 1st April 2014 about the arrival of new teas apart from those mentioned above.

We all know how Castleton tea lovers so eagerly await the arrival of their world class teas which are made with characteristics, typically associated as a mark of CASTLETON teas.

This year too we were fortunate to have a perfect one from Castleton Tea Estate for our tea lovers, the image of which is pasted below.


As it is early April, we’d be cataloging more teas from the best tea gardens in the following week.

As always, do keep updated at the social feed mentioned above or better still subscribe for any info sent specially for you directly into your inbox.




This is another update regarding the arrival of fresh Darjeeling first flush teas at Darjeeling Tea Boutique.

Like always, it is our earnest attempt to catalog and provide the very best of teas to our tea lovers across the globe and ita facientem, we have for you the most floral of all Darjeeling first flush teas of 2015 from Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate made from pure AV2 cultivars, with tea leaves and buds picked from high altitude hills (approximately 5200ft) of the Bara Rington division of Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate.

Update on New Arrivals as on 04/16/2015, 2:56:27 PM

Previous year we had a delicious Oolong from Goomtee. It belonged to the manufacture season of second flush.

This year we happened to get one of the better Oolongs which was manufactured in what a true Oolong would/should have been manufactured.

Notes of Malt, flavours of biscuit, a bit of muskiness and an aftertaste of that of rose. A complex tea flavour profile makes this one of the best to come out from the region.


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