Darjeeling Tea

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Each one of us knows what Darjeeling Tea really is and what goodies these Leafy Temptations are capable of doing to your soul!

Most tea connoisseurs strongly feel, that it’s worth the wait and patience, to have for oneself, a pack of Pure Organic and Fresh Darjeeling teas delivered directly from Darjiling, a place rightly referred to as “Tea-Heaven” by tea specialists around the world.


Buy Darjeeling Tea:

Someone rightly said, “Imitation is the best form of flattery”.
Sadly, this also implies that, only an exclusive few, a select percentage are fortunate enough to purchase Darjeeling tea & enjoy the best of fine teas on the planet. (Be it SFTGFOP, FTGFOP, TGBOP or any other specialty Darjiling teas.)

[Tea Fact: (As per 2012 Statistics, got officially from Darjeeling Tea Association, only 8500 million kilograms of Darjeeling Teas were produced, whereas 40,000 million kilograms were sold globally as Darjeeling tea.]


That means out of every 4 Dargelling teas available for sale, 3 are INAUTHENTIC!
This disparity speaks volumes about the popularity & global demand, this high quality tea from India, commands in the world market, but it also raises serious questions in an ardent Darjeeling tea lover’s mind.

Where one may get to buy Darjeeling teas online?


No wonder, just a handful of the world population is:

Darjeeling Tea Boutiqueprivileged, to savour its godly aromas;
classified, to indulge their senses to a unique inimitable taste; and
exclusived, as a partner in consuming and finding delight in a world-class brand.
Undoubtedly, this premium Darjeeling tea from India, is rightly referred to as nectar, the God’s drink.



Darjiling Teas from Darjiling, India

A Tea lover needs quality in the cup, to be relished until the last sip by themselves, their families, their friends; fine Darjiling teas to oomph the parties and, to entertain the guests, because: “Some teas make a statement, but DARJEELING speaks to the soul.”
This is exactly what our first flush teas, and the second flush teas does.

Reiterating the fact mentioned earlier and also agreed upon by all tea lovers and specialists:

‘True-tea-notes’ of Premium Darjeeling Teas are ONLY sensed and relished when the cup claiming to be the Darjeeling from India, is PURE, ORGANIC, and FRESH!




Premium Darjeeling Teas

Producing premium Darjiling tea is an art, and hence towards this only goal, each 87 tea gardens continues to toil, day in and day out, just to provide that extra bit, which makes what Darjeeling is of today. Behind each of these heavenly and ambrosia like feeling, there goes strict quality monitoring systems adopted by all Darjeeling tea gardens just to ensure that high quality tea standards are maintained throughout. Just for this very purpose, Darjeeling Tea Association was carved by the Tea Board of India, a board governed by the central ministry.

Even at Darjeeling Tea Boutique, we ensure that the teas catalogued are of the optimum standard and a tea lover buying from Darjeeling Tea Boutique get that level of quality, which is expected of from such premium teas.


Darjeeling Tea

D.T.B. thus ensures that these Premium Dargeeling teas are pure teas got from the individual tea gardens and are 100% Organic.
We stress on the Freshness of the tea leaves and hence catalogue only the FRESHEST of Dargeling teas.
Buying Darjeeling Teas online has become hassle free, thanks to Paypal’s SSL 256 bit Encryption which ensures buyers protection at all level.
To up the experience of Buying Darjeeling Teas online, we have ensured that the ardent tea lover gets a response within 24 hours from us.
Free Shipping is applicable for all purchases above $75, there’s this Sitelock’s scanner protection for all visitors and free trial facility applicable for each visitor.
And to top it above all, a genuine shopping experience of buying premium Darjeeling teas online and having it shipped Directly from Darjiling, India, can only be got from Darjeeling Tea Boutique.

A tea lover rightly commented, “It can’t get better than this”.


Darjeeling Green Tea & Darjeeling White Tea

The first step to enjoying great tea starts with Darjelling Tea.
Hence, upgrade to either the Darjeeling first flush tea, or the Darjeeling second flush tea or the Darjeeling Autumn teas and the range of specialty teas like the Darjeeling green tea and Darjeeling white tea.

Because, “Great teas should not be drunk, it should be relished.”