This is a list of FAQs about Darjeeling Tea Boutique. For any further questions please feel free to contact us via the contact form .

How to add items to shopping bag?

Shopping at Darjeeling Tea Boutique is made easy with a 3 step process.

  1. Click on the product or drag the product by pressing the right hand key of the mouse to the shopping bag.
  2. Fill in the shipping details.
  3. Check-out for payment.
How long does it take to receive my parcel containing Darjeeling Teas?

For Overseas Orders:

Processing of orders takes place within 24 hrs but under circumstances beyond our control, processing may be delayed which will be intimated to the buyer.

Overseas orders are delivered to the buyer between 7 days to around 2 /3 weeks from the date of dispatch. Though we partner through world class freight services (India Post, Fedex, UPS, & DHL) which has the best of world class services, our liability on delays in delivery ceases once the parcels are handed over to the third party.

For Parcels sent via India Post (A Govt. of India Enterprise) – Delivery normally takes place between 28 to 38 days.

For Parcels sent via UPS, USPS, One World Express  – Delivery normally takes place between 9 to 14 days.

For Parcels sent via DHL & FedEx- Delivery normally takes place between 5 to 10 days

For Orders within India:

Processing of orders takes place within 24 hrs but under circumstances beyond our control, processing may be delayed which will be intimated to the buyer. Domestic orders are delivered to the buyer between 4 days to around 10 days from the date of dispatch. Though we partner through world class freight services which has the best of world class services, our liability regarding further delays in delivery ceases once the parcels are handed over to the third party.

How much does shipping my parcel cost?

Overseas Orders:

With about many shipping options available, India Post, UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, One World Express; tea lovers may choose any one of the afore-mentioned services.

Shipping charges will have to be borne by the buyer. Tea lovers may easily see an estimate of how much shipping charges would be levied by adding an item to the shopping cart and then viewing the shopping cart during the check out process.

Purchases above $29 are eligible for our free shipping facility which is processed using the services of USPS, India Post or One world Express only for most countries. Upon choosing other shipping option (Either UPS, FedEx or DHL) during check out process, free shipping facility will  be applicable above a higher threshold order value..

Orders within India:

All purchases shipped to any destinations in India are eligible for free shipping facility.

How safe is buying Darjeeling teas from Darjeeling Tea Boutique?

100% Safe and Secure.

For Overseas Orders

For overseas orders, our online payment processing solution is provided by Paypal which is 100% secure that is why it is trusted by 230+ million users, worldwide. You may use your existing debit or credit card for payments.

• Paypal complies with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.

• Paypal has a dedicated network of comprehensive fraud screening and standard antifraud features.

• The financial information are protected with world class state-of-the-art encryption, which is reflected in the number of buyers that trusts Paypal.

We also use Stripe as our payment processor.

Stripe is PCI Service Provider Level I which is the best in class security tools available.

All transactions are protected HSTS over HTTPS. All the card numbers are encrypted at rest with AES 256.

For Orders within India

For orders within India we have various leading banks and bank transfers which are 100% secure and reliable with their state of the art encryption technology. You may chose UPI transfer or we have COD facility.

For security reasons of the buyers no banking information is stored on our tightly secured servers and all transactions are conducted with compliances with world class banking regulations on security.

Darjeeling Tea Boutique delivers tea world wide through a safe and secure network of systems right from the time the visitor visits the webpage until the goods are delivered at the addressee.

  1. The various mediums through which DTB delivers its products – Web pages, Site lock, Paypal integration, association with the various banks – they all adhere to global verification procedures like name, address, contact number, etc which is top notched in the industry.

The payment gateways and the payments procedures are protected by 256 bit encryption technology.

SSL creates an encrypted connection between our web server and your web browser allowing for private information to be transmitted without the problems of eavesdropping, data tampering, or message forgery, which cannot be tampered with todays’ technology.

(During online payment procedures, if you don’t see a green lock or lock in the browser bar, we request you not to proceed through payments.)
Green indicates safe shopping.

How to fully appreciate the flavours and taste of Darjeeling Teas?

To fully appreciate the muscatel aroma and the taste, treat your cup of Darjeeling as the finest of wines.

Whiff before you sip.

Then roll the mild liquor around the tongue. (ideally without milk and sugar)

Wait for the faint hint of the world famous aesthetic sensation, followed by the warm-sweet-mellow & a sometimes fruity taste.

Once your senses are fine tuned enough to discern the distinctive Darjeeling flavour, it will be a lifetime obsession – as it has been with connoisseurs around the world.

What type of payments are accepted at this e-commerce store?

For Overseas orders:

Presently, we accept online payments only through:

Paypal and Stripe which accepts both Credit and Debit cards of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.

For Orders made within India:

We accept online payments through:

All major Credit Cards, Debit Cards through Net Banking,RTGS, NEFT, and ATM transfers etc.

COD service is also available.


Can I check the status of my parcel?


Our site features Track My Order. You can enter your order number to know the order status. Your order number can be found in your order confirmation email.

To track your order: ( A One Step Process)

Click here to see your chosen Shipper and tracking Link

What does 100% Pureness Guarantee?

Quality, Freshness and Purity are the three main criterion that Darjeeling Tea Boutique is sensitive to during the procurement, packaging, and shipping process.

We ensure proper and hygienic storage and packaging of the teas so that they are delivered to you as fresh as it should be depending on their age. We also mention the year of manufacture and no teas, aged above 1 year are catalogued to maintain quality parameters and freshness.

What is GI Status?

Darjeeling Tea is registered as a GI(Geographical Indication) in India which officially places Darjeeling Tea in the esteemed company of a Cognac or a Champagne or other famous GIs.The unique geographical conditions of Darjeeling (soil, slope, sun, rain, air & people) help make its tea unique, just the way Cognac and Champagne are because they can only come from the specific regions of France with specific characteristics.

“Any product that originates in a country or region thereof and whose quality, reputation or other characteristic is attributable to its geographical origin is regarded as GI and is protected internationally.”

By Article 22 of World Trade Organisation (WTO) – TRIPS Agreement on protection of Geographical Indications.

What does free trial policy mean?

Darjeeling Tea Boutique cares for its tea lovers and the quality they receive, but at times, errors do occur which results in our tea lovers ending up unsatisfied.

In the event of such Darjeeling Tea Boutique has this free trial offer in place to safeguard the interests of its tea lovers.

  • The buyers can sample the teas for up to four servings free of cost.
  • The buyers may seek for a return of product provided the products so procured differs entirely as documented in our catalogue.
  • Darjeeling Tea Boutique ensures the product so bought are packaged and dispatched according to the best of hygienic conditions so that the teas received at the buyers end are fresh, and in the same condition as what was shown at the time of purchase. Since shipments are handled by third party operators, Darjeeling Tea Boutique will not accept for any refund claim, if any damage, whatsoever occurs on their behalf, though we ship products only through world class freight company & issue special instruction to them during shipment.
  • The buyer may seek for a return of the product before 30 days after the shipment of the products. No enquiries would be entertained after the above mentioned period.
  • Finally the products are returned only if the error, if it has so occurred, is from our side. No claim for refund will be entertained for a change of preference for a different item.

Darjeeling Tea Boutique ensures 100% satisfaction for its tea lovers but if a scenario of returning the item so arises, buyers are requested to contact at the email provided below before returning. Our team would look into the matter and make a contact within 24 to 48 hours for speedy solution.

Email: support(at)darjeelingteaboutique(dot)com