Darjeeling Second Flush Tea 2019

Darjeeling Second Flush Tea 2019 (Darjeeling Muscatel -Summer Teas)

The Darjeeling second flush teas and also popularly known as the Summer teas of Darjeeling are those that are harvested during the months of May to June end and popular globally for its musky flavours. The Summer Darjeeling Teas of 2019 is now available.Read More

As with all Darjeeling teas, the leafs of the Darjeeling second flush teas are also got from the small leaved Chinese variety of Camellia sinensis.

The dry leafs of the Darjeeling second flush teas are coppery in appearance and has an aroma of its own even in its dry state, unlike the first flush teas of Darjeeling which are not so prominent aromatically as a dry leaf.

Although all black teas of Darjeeling are marketed globally as black, they are typically more Oolong in characteristic because of the manufacturing process they undergo. The Darjeeling second flush teas (black teas) are also oxidized incompletely similar to its black tea cousins, viz. the Darjeeling first flush teas and the Darjeeling autumn flush teas, the leaves of which are less than 90 per cent got from hard withering.

It is full of fragrance depending on individual gardens since each seems to produce a unique character of its own due to in-numerous factors: height of the garden, the art of tea making, age of the plant, etc.

Darjeeling second flush teas (Darjeeling Muscatel) are also termed as summer teas which are got between the summer months of May and June. The leaves have a characteristic purplish bloom and the liquor is bolder quite different to that of the spring teas. The liquor is bright and has a full and round taste which is characteristic muscatel. The liquor of this flush’s black tea is specially¬† much bolder compared to that of Darjeeling first flush teas and has¬† stronger notes, which is appreciated by one and all significantly so because of the world famous Muscatel flavour. The teas got as second flush is popular globally for this unique Muscatel taste and characteristic and cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Another name for Darjeeling second flush teas is also Muscatel teas got from its unique characteristics.
This black tea from second flush of Darjeeling is best enjoyed without milk but tea lovers preferring to add milk and sugar may do so to suit their tastes.


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