Why To Avoid Buying Darjeeling Second Flush Teas In The Month Of April?

Darjeeling Teas are the most desired beverage by tea lovers globally. The teas manufactured are classified into three main types depending on the time they are grown and subsequently plucked and manufactured.

Liquor of Second Flush Tea

First Flush Teas for the year are manufactured between the month of late February to mid April.

Second Flush Teas for the year are manufactured between late April to early June.

Autumn Flush Teas for the year are manufactured between late September to November.


So any ardent Darjeeling teas lover would know that the best of teas of Darjeeling are those which are fresh and of the current year. The quality of Darjeeling teas are gauged by the freshness and the fresher the teas the better is the quality.

Since fresh and new second flush teas of the season becomes available by the month of May, it is best advised not to purchase one’s stock in the month of April.

At Darjeeling Tea Boutique, we know the secret behind the freshness of Darjeeling Teas and to that effect, we catalog only the current teas and are packed in such a manner that its freshness is preserved for more than a year.


Once a taste sets in it’s difficult to replace them with any replacement. For such tea lovers we still have some of our teas available at a discounted rates. We still have the stocks of second flush 2013 which are carefully preserved and are no different in quality in terms of taste and aromas as that of the fresh ones available back then. Still we would like to stress our tea lovers to wait for a month for fresh ones to arrive.


About some of our second flush Darjeeling teas of 2013.

We had a good array of Darjeeling second flush teas of 2013 and were fortunate enough to catalog the best of teas from top-notched tea gardens of Darjeeling.

With numerous tea gardens under its fold, Goodricke was again able to produce a great brew for the year 2013. Castleton tea estate as always did produce a splendid second flush tea which were well received and are out of stock as of today.


Under the Jayshree’s their tea garden, Puttabong Tea Estate, (formerly, Tukvar Tea Estate) also produced an aromatic liquor which was incomparable in taste, aroma and flavour to any other tea estate.


We had a couple of good teas from Dooteriah Tea Estate and Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate as well which needs mentioning. Dooteriah produced a splendid tea with roasted feel and aromas, which did, complimented our range of second flush teas by addition of which completed the spectrum of the variety that second flush Darjeeling teas should have.


We now await the arrival of the second flush Darjeeling teas of 2014.


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