Tumsong Tea Estate – A Darjeeling Tea Garden

History of Tumsong Tea Garden

Tumsong Tea Estate is one of the earliest planted tea gardens of Darjeeling and it dates back to 1867. It was started by J. A. Wernicke which started as a 200 acre garden and later brought into its fold, an area of 186 hectares of nearby garden, making it what it is of today.

The name, Tumsong, could have very much been derived from the name of a Hindu goddess named Tamsa Devi whose temple stands in this region.


Darjeeling Tea Garden

Tea growing areas of darjeeling



Location of Tumsong Tea Estate

This Darjeeling tea garden, which is also referred to as – The Garden of Happy Hearts – is located in the eastern hilly regions of Darjeeling district, flanked by Lingia Tea Garden in the north, Mim Tea Garden in the west and Marybong Tea Estate in the east.

The garden area covers approximately 186 hectares and the tea bushes are planted between an altitude of 2700 feet and 5500 feet from the sea level and faces the mighty Himalayan range.

It can be reached from Darjeeling town and is located at a distance of 23 kilometers and can also be reached from Ghoom, from which the distance is 17 kilometers.



Darjeeling Teas of Tumsong Tea Estate

This tea estate is know to produce some of the best Darjeeling first flush teas and typically produces teas much later then other lower lying tea gardens or that of the gardens from warmer climates as it faces the cool winds of the Himalayas which hinders the growth of the tips and the leaves.


This is perhaps a blessing in disguise as the tea leaves undergoes a certain changes making the teas taste much better resulting in its teas being one of the most sought after in the world.

Almost all of the teas are exported and very little is available for domestic consumption. The tea bushes are 100% pure chinary cultivar which is known to mature really well with the passage of time and have complex floral and fruity flavours.


Its first flush Darjeeling and Muscatel teas from second flush are well renowned and most sought after globally.



Certifications of Tumsong Tea Estate

The Garden is certified as 100% Bio Organic by HACCP and JAS.



Ownership of Tumsong Tea Estate

This garden is wholly owned by the Chamong Group.

This group owns a total of seventeen other tea gardens of Darjeeling and is the largest tea producer of Organic Darjeeling teas in the world.



Administrative Office:

Chamong Tee Exports Pvt. Ltd.

2, N. C. Dutta Sarani,

5th Floor, Unit 1,

Kolkata – 700 001. INDIA




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