Top 3 Darjeeling First Flush Teas of 2013

The list of “top-this” and “top-that” continues when the year ends and a fresh one begins. The emergence of the list arises by taking a look at the statistics of the bygone year.

We are here again with a list of top teas for the year 2013. The season for first flush Darjeeling tea of 2013 is coming to an end and the new one (2014) begins after a few months. Here, we list and introduce to you the top three Darjeeling first flush teas of 2013. Hope you tried some or any one of them the previous year. Read further to find out if your favorite tea made it to the list.

First Flush Teas of Darjeeling 2013

The following list of the top 3 Darjeeling first flush teas of 2013 are based on the feedback got from Darjeeling first flush tea lovers and their display of eagerness and enthusiasm in buying the teas again and again. The list mentioned below does not indicate any rankings insofar as they are just the top teas that were available with Darjeeling Tea Boutique for the year 2013 and they are listed alphabetically. With the passage of each year, we have changes in the list/rankings as well. Not all years are the same for all tea gardens. With each passing year, the conditions and productivity never remains the same and that is for all tea gardens.

Most of the time, the name, Darjeeling First Flush Teas, is considered and used synonymously for black teas only.

Here we are considering all teas produced during the first flush crop. Therefore, in the list mentioned below black teas, green teas, white teas and other specialty teas were taken into consideration.

The Top 3 Darjeeling First Flush Teas of 2013


a)       Darjeeling First Flush Tea, Badamtam Clonal AV2 2013

Badamtam First flush Tea 2013

This tea vanished as soon as it came. Tea lovers were left were wanting for more as the stocks depleted in a matter of months. Ephemeral would be the correct term to describe this teas’ transitory existence. Initially, given the high price it commanded, we had the impression that this tea would at least last for the year. It was the costliest Darjeeling first flush tea of 2013. Made from virgin tea bushes of AV2 clonal variety and that association made this tea taste and fragrant very fruit like and light. Badamtam tea garden has also been ranked as one of our top 5 tea gardens of 2013. This tea and others from first flush, autumn flush and green teas did helped to raise the points in favour of this garden for the year 2013.

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b) Darjeeling First Flush Green Tea from Rohini

The imperial Emerald from Rohini, (Darjeeling Green Tea)

The Darjeeling green tea from the first flush of the first batch of 2013 was one tea that is never to be forgotten and we are sure to find willing assertions from all those green tea lovers who were fortunate enough to taste this wonder green tea of Darjeeling, named “The Imperial Emerald” from one of the best tea gardens of Darjeeling. A garden which has new quality bushes but are ably reined by a solid experience of at least half a decade in tea making and tea industry.

Current Stock Status: Few packs.

c ) Darjeeling Longview First Flush Tea 2013

Longview First Flush 2013 Tea

Longview tea garden was not known to produce such fine exclusive teas in the past. A batch of first flush Darjeeling teas produced from Clonal AV2 bushes surprised quite a many tea nerds globally. This tea finds to the list not just for the excellent mellow and fruity taste it possessed, but also for the positive feedback got from Darjeeling tea connoisseurs from around the globe. Saluting, the spirit, of trying something new, and the tea maker(s), for daring to make this spring tea out of AV2 bushes. We hope to see more such wonderful  teas from the Longview Tea Estate in years to come.

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The following first flush teas of Darjeeling (2013) missed the list, which was equally good, and some needs to be listed here.

a)       Darjeeling 1st flush 2013 from Nagari Tea Estate

b)       Darjeeling 1st Flush 2013 from Puttabong Tea Estate

c)       Darjeeling 1st Flush 2013 from Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate

Top 3 Darjeeling First Flush Teas of 2013
A list of top 3 Darjeeling first flush teas of 2013.

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