Thurbo Tea Estate – A Darjeeling Tea Garden of Goodricke

History of Thurbo Tea Estate:

This Darjeeling tea garden was planted in the year 1872. The name of the garden relates to a historic event which may have originated when the British set up a camp in the garden at the time of their Nepal invasion and used camps or tents which in local language is called ‘Tombu’, and this may later have developed as ‘Thurbo’. Hence the name Thurbo Tea Estate. Other sources of name and its meaning remains elusive.



Location of Thurbo Tea Estate:

Thurbo Tea Estate is located in the lush picturesque valley of Mirik of Darjeeling at an altitude ranging from 980 mts to 2440 mts. It has a planted area of quality Darjeeling teas of 485.11 Hectars.

The Mechi and Rangbang rivers flows down through this tea estate.


Certification of Thurbo Tea Estate

  • FSSC 22000 Certified
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • UTZ Certified
  • ETP Certified

(Source: Goodricke)



Thurbo Tea Estate is owned by the international group Camellia Plc, which is listed in the London Stock Exchange and is governed in India under the Goodricke Group and Amgoorie Group Limited.


Contact Address:

Goodricke Group Limited 
‘Camellia House’
14, Gurusaday Road, Kolkata – 700 019
West Bengal, India


Teas of Thurbo Tea Garden:

Thurbo Tea Estate produces one of the best Darjeeling Teas and its range includes

• First Flush Teas

• Second Flush Teas

• Autumn Flush Teas



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