The best of Darjeeling First Flush 2012 this world has right now

Tried this tea today morning. It took about more than 5 full minutes to steep and extract its potential. The fragrance filled the air just half a minute after it was soaked and the light colour transcended, typical of the Darjeeling First Flush, after about one minute.

Undoubtedly, this is the worlds’ best that the authorities of Avongrove Garden so boasts about, a garden which is certified organic by HACCP,  JAS, USDA and credited to producing the best in the world.

Apart from its seductive aromas and the  coppery fluid dance in the warm water, the exciting part still remained; that of the infused leaves. It was a tea connoisseurs delight to watch the leaves unfurl to its full size, fresh, green, and enchanting.

The second infusion awaits…

















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