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thank you for your interesting response.
I am going to post another order, but i am looking to send goods in belgie, because a friends of mine lives hereā€¦Do you have any information, my order will be in about 5/10 kg of tea.

Giuseppe, Italy




Thanks for your email and for following up with us. The parcels have arrived, no problem.

We are gradually getting our business up and running and will hope to be making further orders with you shortly.
Kind Regards
Phil, Australia




Yes, We got it about a week ago. The tea is great~~~~and it IS what we are looking for.
Thank you for the samples. We’ll let you know our preference later. : )





The second shipment arrived today, so I’ve got all the tea now. I did a quick tasting and all the teas taste great. Thanks a lot for the order.
I’m thinking about placing an order for the Second Flush, when will the 2014 teas be available?
Also, do you still have stock of ….. for possible re-order?