Darjeeling Tea Garden

The following tea gardens / estates mentioned below comes under Darjeeling hills and Darjeeling Sadar sub-division and their teas are collectively referred to as Darjeeling Tea.

Also the tea gardens of the hilly areas of Kalimpong Sub-Division comprising Samabeong Tea Estate, Ambiok Tea Estate, Mission Hill Tea Estate, Upper Fagu and Kumai Tea Estates  and their teas are also collectively referred to as Darjeeling Teas.

Apart from the following tea gardens of the Kurseong Sub-Division (excluding the areas in jurisdiction list 20, 21, 23, 24, 29, 31 and 33 comprising Siliguri Sub-Division of New Chumta Tea Estate, Simulbari and Marionbari Tea Estate Of  Kurseong Police station in Kurseong Sub-Division) are also collective referred to as Darjeeling Teas.

” Only loose leaf teas produced in these tea gardens are referred to as Darjeeling Tea, whereas the teas produced by crush-tear-curl (CTC) variety are not Darjeeling Teas. “

Tea growing areas of darjeeling
Tea growing areas of darjeeling



List of Tea Gardens of Darjeeling

  1. Aloobari Tea Estate
  2. Ambiok(Hilton) Tea Estate
  3. Ambootia Tea Estate
  4. Arya  Tea Estate (Sidrabong)
  5. Avongrove Tea Estate
  6. Badamtam Tea Estate
  7. Balasun Tea Estate
  8. Bannockburn Tea Estate
  9. Barnesbeg Tea Estate (North Tukvar)
  10. Castleton Tea Estate
  11. Chamong Tea Estate
  12. Chongtong Tea Estate 
  13. Dhajea Tea Estate
  14. Dilaram Tea Estate
  15. Dooteriah Tea Estate
  16. Edenvale Tea Estate (Maharani)
  17. Gayabari Tea Estate (Millikthong)
  18. Giddapahar Tea Estate
  19. Gielle Tea Estate
  20. Ging Tea Estate
  21. Glenburn Tea Estate
  22. Goomtee Tea Estate
  23. Gopaldhara Tea Estate
  24. Happy Valley Tea Estate
  25. Jogamaya Tea Estate
  26. Jungapana Tea Estate (Jungapana Upper)
  27. Kalej Valley Tea Estate
  28. Kanchaan View Tea Estate (Rungeet)
  29. Kumai Tea Estate (Snow View)
  30. Lingia Tea Estate
  31. Liza hill Tea Estate
  32. Longview Tea Estate (High Lands)
  33. Lopchu Tea Estate
  34. Mahalderam Tea Estate
  35. Makaibari Tea Estate
  36. Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate
  37. Marybong Tea Estate
  38. Mim Tea Estate
  39. Mission Hill Tea Estate
  40. Mohan Majhua Tea Estate
  41. Moonteviot Tea Estate
  42. Moondakotee Tea Estate
  43. Mullootar Tea Estate
  44. Nagari Tea Estate
  45. Namring Tea Estate (& Namring Upper) 
  46. Nagri Farm Tea Estate (Makurjung)
  47. Narbada Majhua Tea Estate
  48. North Tukvar Tea Estate
  49. Nurbong Tea Estate
  50. Oaks Tea Estate
  51. Okayti Tea Estate
  52. Orange Valley Tea Estate
  53. Pandam Tea Estate
  54. Peshok Tea Estate
  55. Phoobsering Tea Estate
  56. Phuguri Tea Estate
  57. Poobong Tea Estate
  58. Pussimbing Tea Estate  (Minzoo)
  59. Rangaroon Tea Estate
  60. Ringtong Tea Estate
  61. Risheehat Tea Estate
  62. Rohini Tea Estate
  63. Runglee-Rungliot Tea Estate
  64. Rungmook Tea Estate (Cedars)
  65. Samabeong Tea Estate
  66. Seepoydhoorah Tea Estate (Chamling)
  67. Seeyok Tea Estate (Spring Valley)
  68. Selim Hill Tea Estate
  69. Selimbong Tea Estate (Rongbong)
  70. Singbulli Tea Estate
  71. Singell Tea Estate
  72. Singtam Tea Estate
  73. Sivitar Tea Estate
  74. Soom Tea Estate
  75. Sourenee Tea Estate
  76. Springside Tea Estate
  77. Steinthal Tea Estate
  78. Sungma Tea Estate
  79. Teesta Valley Tea Estate
  80. Thurbo Tea Estate
  81. Tindharia Tea Estate
  82. Tukvar Tea Estate (Puttabong)
  83. Takdah Tea Estate
  84. Tumsong Tea Estate
  85. Turzum Tea Estate
  86. Upper Fagu Tea Estate
  87. Vah Tukvar Tea Estate (Shree Dwarika)

A look at some of the exquisite teas of the above mentioned tea gardens of Darjeeling.