Tea Facts

Some of the tea facts and statistics collected from the data of the tea world.


An Infograph on Tea Facts and Statistics

An Infograph on Tea Facts and Statistics



“Tea is the most popular and the cheapest drink in the world”

“Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world”

“An average of 3 Billion cups of tea are consumed daily”

“96% of all tea drinker make their tea from their tea bags”

“98% of all tea drinkers of the world mix milk with their tea to make milk-tea”

“30% of all tea drinkers prefer sugar over non sugared tea”

“78% of all tea lovers prefer black tea”

“4.52 million tonnes of tea was produced globally in 2010”

“The largest exporter of black tea in the world is Kenya”

“The largest producer of black tea is India”

“The largest consumer of black tea is India”

“The largest importer of tea by weight is the Russian Federation”

“Boston Tea Party was a political protest against the British government”

“Tea bag was accidentally invented by an American, Thomas Sullivan, a tea merchant from New York”

“Tea has less caffeine than coffee”

“More than 50 cures possible with tea and their leaves”



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