News at Darjeeling Tea Boutique for October 2013

A very warm greeting to all this holiday season. What’s new at Darjeeling Tea Boutique? Well, we have catalogued a new set of teas for all Darjeeling Tea lover. Oolongs from Thurbo Tea Estate and Sencha from Badamtam Tea Estate. … Continue reading

Arrival of Fresh Darjeeling Teas of 2013

Darjeeling Green Tea   The Imperial Emerald Name: The Imperial Emerald – Darjeeling Green Tea Flush: First Flush 2013 Type: Green Tea Origin: Darjeeling Estate: Rohini Tea Estate Batch: First Batch _____________________________________________________   ________________________________________________________   Darjeeling First Flush Tea 2013 … Continue reading

Darjeeling Tea – Ging Tea Garden – A vintage Picture

 A vintage picture of Ging Tea Estate dating back to the early 1900s.


Darjeeling Tea Garden


Darjeeling Tea






( No Flavour Finer )