The Winner of Our Win Darjeeling Tea Contest

The winner of our “Win Darjeeling Tea Contest” was decided to be Alex Goodman, from Auburn, United States.

She had completed the sentence, “I love Darjeeling tea because….”, as

“I love Darjeeling tea because it is exactly what you need it to be in the moment you drink it. It can be calming and soothing, light and refreshing, bold and robust, fruity or spicy or both, and more. A sip of Darjeeling tea transports you to another world.”

Perfect !

That is the best answer any Darjeeling Tea lover would give. Straight from the heart.

Alex wins a Darjeeling First Flush 2012 Tea from Dooteriah, DJ1.

 Dooteriah First Flush tea

The finest first flush for the finest reflections.




Darjeeling Tea Garden – Picture Series – 11

darjeeling tea

A picturesque view of the Darjeeling hills from the point of view of one of the Darjeeling tea leaf picker. Lucky they get to cherish such ravishing landscape. No wonder the teas of this land are that tasty and satisfying.

Darjeeling Tea – No Flavour Finer.

(Pic: Courtesy Basu Rai)

Darjeeling Tea Garden – Picture Series 10

darjeeling tea

A tea picker shares her expertise and knowledge to a visitor and a Darjeeling tea enthusiasts.These are common sights as visitors are greeted with a warm smile and welcomed with much enthusiasm so mush so that they force any Darjeeling tea lover to want to visit the gardens again.

(Pic: Courtesy Basu Rai)

Darjeeling Tea – Ging Tea Garden – A vintage Picture

 A vintage picture of Ging Tea Estate dating back to the early 1900s.


Darjeeling Tea Garden

Darjeeling Tea Garden


Darjeeling Tea






( No Flavour Finer )



Darjeeling Tea Garden – Pictures Series – 9


Another view of the tea picker in one of the Darjeeling tea gardens here in Darjeeling doing here careful selecting of leaves and placing them in her basket called ‘doko’.

A closer look would also reveal the rope used by these tea pickers to hold their pick onto their head. It’s named ‘nanglo’ and are made from jute and the porters from the hills of Darjeeling use them as means to carry more than double their weight on their heads.

(Pic: Courtesy Basu Rai)

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