Best Selling Teas For November 2015

Following are some of the best teas which have been our best selling Darjeeling teas for the month of November.   Spring Darjeeling Tea First Flush Teas of 2015 from Castleton Tea Estate, a tea garden located on the slopes … Continue reading

Clearance Sale on Darjeeling Tea: Second Flush 2014

Clearance sale of high quality Darjeeling tea at Darjeeling Tea Boutique. Avail flat discounts of up to 45% on all second flush teas of 2014. Free Shipping Available* Limited Stocks.   … Continue reading

News at Darjeeling Tea Boutique for October 2013

A very warm greeting to all this holiday season. What’s new at Darjeeling Tea Boutique? Well, we have catalogued a new set of teas for all Darjeeling Tea lover. Oolongs from Thurbo Tea Estate and Sencha from Badamtam Tea Estate. … Continue reading

Arrival of Fresh Darjeeling Teas of 2013

Darjeeling Green Tea   The Imperial Emerald Name: The Imperial Emerald – Darjeeling Green Tea Flush: First Flush 2013 Type: Green Tea Origin: Darjeeling Estate: Rohini Tea Estate Batch: First Batch _____________________________________________________   ________________________________________________________   Darjeeling First Flush Tea 2013 … Continue reading