Puttabong Tea Estate (Tukvar)

History of Puttabong Tea Estate

Puttabong Tea Estate, alias Tukvar, prides itself for being the first of all Darjeeling Tea Plantations to be nursed and grown in the Darjeeling hills. The estate was planted by the pioneering British planter, Dr Campbell in the year 1852 and is the first commercial tea plantation in Darjeeling.
This tea estate is owned and managed by the Jayshree Group.

The First Tea Garden In Darjeeling

Puttabong Tea Estate is the first tea garden in Darjeeling to be commercially operational.

Puttabong Tea Garden
Tea growing areas of Darjeeling

Location of Puttabong Tea Estate

Puttabong Tea Estate, formerly known as Tukvar Tea Estate, is a beautiful tea garden located in the northern most district of the Darjeeling hills. It is located on the state border of Sikkim in the North, Badamtam Tea estate, Darjeeling in the South and Barnesberg Tea Estate, Darjeeling in the West. The river Rangeet flows through a portion of the tea garden which does contribute to the rich diversity to the tea estate.

This tea estate is located at a distance of 9 kilometers towards north-east of the Darjeeling Town.

The tea garden, the largest tea estate in Darjeeling, comprises of 5 divisions and stretches in an area of approximately 20 to 22 square kilometers, covering about 436 Hectares and the premium Darjeeling teas are grown at an altitude between 600 meters to 2200 meters.

Tourist Attractions

Since it is a very beautiful tea plantation in Darjeeling, West Bengal, Puttabong tea estate is a tourist attraction globally where the management accepts visitors and a has a well conducted lodging facility


Puttabong Tea Estate is the first tea estate to fetch the world record price of Rs 10,001 per Kg for its Antique Tea in 1992.

To add further to its list of first, Puttabong is also the first Darjeeling tea garden to receive the prestigious ISO 9002:2008 certificate in Manufacturing, Plantation and Marketing.

It is also certified as HACCP.

Organic Certifications include: NPOP, POP, JAS,

The Garden was acquired by Jayshree Group in the year 1967.

Darjeeling Teas of Puttabong Tea Estate

The tea bushes in Puttabong are managed by a workforce of 1600+ workers out of which 60% are pluckers. The teas of this garden are mainly of Clonal and Chinese bushes. Some of the famous cultivar are Clonal AV2, the tea from which is named the famous Puttabong Clonal Queen. Other Premium or rare teas that are produced are Puttabong Supreme.

Puttabong tea estate is a specialist Darjeeling first flush tea producer which is unmatched elsewhere in their quality of teas produced and finesse with which they are grown and nurtured.

Other Darjeeling teas produced are:

Apart from the first flush black teas, Puttabong produces

Second flush black teas,

Autumn flush black teas,

Green teas

Present Administrative Executives:

Mr. Rajesh Pareek, Suprintendent

Looking for teas from Puttabong? Please take a look at the teas listed below to see if we have listed your favourite tea this year.