Poobong Tea Estate

History of Poobong Tea Estate

Not much is known about this little known garden which rather has the inclination of producing teas which matches or are at times, even better in quality to that of the larger tea conglomerates. The name “Poobong” actually means “A Valley behind the clouds” and it has been aptly named as this particular area of the Darjeeling hills is always and almost covered in a thick blanket of fog.

This Darjeeling tea garden was established in the 1900s around a valley near small town, Ghoom. Due to the size of this garden being small in comparison to other tea estates of the region, it is often referred as Chota Poobong. (In regional language, “Chota” means small .)



Location of Poobong Tea Estate

This tea estate is located near Sukhiapohkari and Ghoom and can be viewed at the southern slopes of Sukhiaphokari-Ghoom road. It is at a distance of 8 kilometers from the Ghoom railways station (The highest railway station in India, at 2258 meters from the sea level) and 13 kilometers from Darjeeling town. The exquisite and delicious teas from china cultivar that are cultivated in this garden are between 3000 feet to 5000 feet in height from the sea level.



Darjeeling Teas of Poobong Tea Estate

The tea bushes of Poobong/Pubong are mostly of pure chinary cultivar and they are known to produce some of the finest Spring Darjeeling teas, provided the weather favours them as they are located in such a region, that most of which directly faces the southern part so that it is least protected from inclement weather conditions.



Organic Ceritification

Orthodox loose leaf teas of Poobong are certified as 100% Bio Organic.



Ownership of Poobong Tea Estate

The garden is presently managed  and owned by Mr. Kishorilal Agarwal.



Postal Address of Poobong Tea Estate:

Poobong Tea Garden
P.O. Dist Darjeeling
Darjeeling – 734102

Administrative Address:

Poobong Plantations Private Limited,
16, Hare Street,
Rallis Building,
Ground floor
Kolkata 700001


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