Phoobsering Tea Garden | By The Chamong Group

History of Phoobsering Tea Estate (Garden)

Little is known about the history of this magical and mesmerizing garden which was established by Darjeeling Tea Company in 1850s. The name Phoobsering is derived from a local named Phurpu Tshering who was a supervisor (Sardar) of this tea garden.


Location of Phoobsering Tea Garden
Tea growing areas of darjeeling

Tea growing areas of darjeeling

This garden is located in the northern region of the Darjeeling district, surrounded and located at a distance by four tea gardens of Darjeeling , viz., Badamtam tea garden in the north, Ging tea garden in the west, along stretch of Barnesberg tea garden in the east and Rungneet tea estate in the south. This garden is located at a distance of 10 kilometers from Darjeeling town and can be reached within half an hour by a car.



Ownership of Phoobsering Tea Garden

The garden is presently owned by the Chamong group which is a family owned group now in its sixth generation which efficiently manages seventeen Darjeeling tea gardens in total along with four in Assam.



Elevation of Phoobshering Tea Garden.

This tea estate aptly located between an altitude of 3000ft to 6000ft covering an area of 240 hectares.



Darjeeling Teas from Phoobsering Tea Estate.

The tea garden comprises of old tea bushes which are over a hundred years old and are mostly from China cultivar. It is known for its specialty first flush teas which is renowned globally for its sweet lingering flavor. It also produces some of the finest muscatels during the summer months.



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