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This is an initiative by Darjeeling Tea Boutique to introduce a bit about the gardens that its teas are sourced from. Since, a genuine Darjeeling tea lover’s satisfaction isn’t complete only just with the world class aromas. A good knowledge about the tea gardens goes a long way in appreciating the quality teas that he/she relishes.

Darjeeling Tea Boutique presently has a Second Flush 2012 loose leaf Darjeeling teas from Namring. It’s graded as FTGFOP.

Namring tea estate is situated in the eastern part of Darjeeling district.

China (60%), Clonal (30%),Assam hybrid (10%), these are the variety of tea bushes that Namring boasts about itself to possess and manufacture high quality teas . This marvelous combination generates some unique and exotic flavours in every cup of tea that Namring  produces.

Namring Tea GardenThe total plantation area is covered in about 450 hectares at an altitude of 5500ft above the sea level. Just wondering if the higher altitude is one of the reason why this Muscatel tea tastes so wonderful and has had many appreciators.

Namring Tea Estate processes on an average 1200 metric tons of green leaf and around 300 metric tons of tea is produced annually.

Now about the Namring Darjeeling teas:

The tea leaves are slender wiry brown leaves, and aromatic, a typical Muscatel of this season.

Darjeeling Tea from Namring Tea Garden

The distinct second flush smell with the characteristics smell of Darjeeling’s unique aroma. Refreshing. Very Muscatel. Sensuous.

A coppery liquor got from a 3 & 1/2 minutes steeping around 95 degrees centigrade, typical of this teas from the Queen of hill station. It holds the characteristic fragrance even after brewing, and is complimented by an equally more ambrosia like muscatel taste, which is perfect for as a breakfast tea, or as an afternoon tea, to rejuvenate the tired cells.

A good second and third infusion was got from the same water temperature with a steeping time of 4 minutes and 5 &1/2 minutes.liquor of Darjeeling Tea from Namring Tea Estate

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