Nagri Farm Tea Estate – Darjeeling Tea Garden

History of Nagri Farm Tea Estate

The Nagri Farm as we know of today wasn’t a tea estate in its early years of establishment. It was a diary farm when it was established in the year 1857 by Mr. Greenhill. It was later in the year 1883 that it was fully converted into a tea estate but the ‘farm’ tag remains to this date which explains the tea estate still being called as a farm, and hence the name Nagri Farm Tea Estate. Locally, the tea estate is alternatively known as Makerjung.


Ownership and Management of Nagri Farm Tea Estate

Nagri Farm Tea Estate, a 130 year old, 571 hectares Darjeeling tea garden was established by Mr. Greenhill but was sold soon to Williamson Magor which renamed to Nagri Farm Tea Company Limited.
In 2001, the Tea Estate was acquired by the Chamong Group of the Lohias which manages twelve Darjeeling tea gardens, apart from Nagri Farm and their names of which are as follows:Chamong Tea Estate, Pussimbing Tea Estate,Lingia Tea Estate,Tumsong Tea Estate, Shree Dwarika Tea Estate, Soom Tea Estate, Bannockburn Tea Estate, Phoobsering Tea Estate, Tukdah Tea Estate and Ging Tea Estate.


Certifications of Nagri Farm Tea Estate

Nagri Farm Tea Estate is a 100% Bio Organic Tea Garden and it acquired this certification in the year 2004. Apart from Organic status, this Darjeeling tea garden also has a Fair Trade Certification in the year 2009.


Location of Nagri Farm Tea Estate:

Nagri Farm Tea Estate or Makurjung (as is known locally) is located south-west of Darjeeling town. The other Darjeeling tea gardens in the vicinity of Nagri Farm Tea Estate in the Rungbong valley are, Dhajea and Balasun Tea Estate in the east, Thurbo and Gopaldhara Tea Estate in the west, Avongrove Tea Estate in the north and Sourenee Tea Estate in the south. The nearest town is Mirik and this tea estate may be reached directly from Bagdorga or Siliguri or from Darjeeling town.

Excellent and world class Darjeeling teas are grown in this Rungbong valley, roughly between 800meters to 2000meters covering an area of approximately 571 hectares out of which 256 hectares are used solely for tea cultivation from china cultivar.


Administrative Address of Nagri Farm Tea Estate

Chamong Tee Exports Pvt. Ltd.,
2, N. C. Dutta Sarani,
Sagar Estate, 5th Floor, Unit 1,
Kolkata – 700001
West Bengal. INDIA


Darjeeling Teas of Nagri Tea Estate
Nagari Tea Estate produces excellent first flush and second flush teas from the china cultivar. Under the management and group of other top tea gardens of the Lohias, of the Chamong Group, this tea garden has started to produce top notched Darjeeling teas, the quality of which has been acknowledged by all tea lovers across the globe.