Montevoit Tea Estate

History of Montevoit Tea Estate

This is one of the early garden was which was established in the early 1850s. The year of it being operational is 1856. The word Montevoit, is a French word which means the Rock.



Ownership of Montevoit Tea Garden

The garden is presently owned by the Ambootia group under the umbrella of Darjeeling Organic Tea Estate Private Limited, which manages several tea gardens of Darjeeling . The other Darjeeling tea gardens of this group are Ambootia, Chongtong, Happy Valley, Mundakotee, Mullootar, Nagri, Nurbong, Sepoydhura, Sivitar, Rungmook, Rangaroon, Pandam, and Aloobari . The group also manages a couple of tea gardens in Assam.



Certifications of Montevoit Tea Estate

Following a better social and living conditions for the inhabitants and worker of the tea estate, the garden has been awarded and certified by the Fairtrade labelling Organisations International. Given the massive initiative of the group to convert all its tea gardens to fully organic, this tea garden too is also certified Organic by IMO and certified as bio-dynamic by Demeter.



Location of Montevoit Tea Estate

The garden is located in the Northern Kurseong Valley, below Kurseong town at a distance of less than 2 kilometer. It is at an elevation between 900m to 1700m from the sea level. The area of cultivation is around 88 hectares which produces fine Darjeeling loose leaf teas.



Darjeeling Teas of Montevoit Tea Estate

Most of the teas that are manufactured from this tea garden are black teas from first flush (Spring season), second flush (Summer season) and Autumn flush (Autumn season). Organic green teas are also manufactured occasionally. Almost all of the tea bushes of this garden belong to the china cultivar.



Postal Address:

Montevoit Tea Estate
P.O. Kurseong
West Bengal



Administrative office

Darjeeling Organic Tea Estate Pvt. Ltd.
20 Coalberth,
Hoboken Road,
Kolkata 700 088,
West Bengal, India



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