Mim Tea Estate

History of Mim Tea Estate

The garden was established in the mid to late 1800. The name of the garden Mim comes from the word ‘Mem’ meaning or referring locally to a British lady as ‘Mem Sahab’. The garden at one point of time was managed by a British lady and the locals started to call the garden as ‘Mem ko Kaman’, meaning the garden of / run by the British Lady. The name Mim was derived from this word ‘Mem’.


Location of Mim Tea Estate

The garden is located in Jorebunglow, Sukhiapokhari in Darjeeling district. Elevation of the garden is around 5000ft from the sea level. The garden is located at a distance of 75 km from Siliguri and is at a distance of 21 km from Darjeeling town.



Ownership of Mim Tea Estate

This is the only tea garden in Darjeeling which is run by the government of India under the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Enterprise and managed as under as a company by the name of Andrew Yule Company.



Darjeeling teas of Mim Tea Estate

The garden comprises mostly of china cultivar and an initiative to convert the garden to organic is still on. The teas that are most popular are the teas from first flush, Oolongs and other clonal teas which have a good fan following. Rare white teas from this garden is also the most sought after tea from this tea estate.



Certification of Darjeeling Teas from Mim Tea Estate:

The garden is certified by HACCP and ISO Certified and is the member of Ethical Tea Sourcing Partnership in UK. The garden is also certified by UTZ, Rain forest Alliance, complies with national program for organic production (NPOP), India and National Organic Program (NOP) technical standards USA duly certified by IMO Control.



Postal Address

Mim Tea Estate
PO: Sukhiapokhari
Dist: Darjeeling


Administrative address of Mim Tea Estate

Andrew Yule & Co Limited,
(Tea Division)
Yule House,
8, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sarani,
Kolkata – 700 001




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