History of Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate:

History has it that earlier than the year 1930 this Darjeeling tea garden was named Bara-Rington and was owned by Mr. Bagdon, from England who had sailed to this garden along with his two daughters. The younger daughter was so impressed with the scenic beauty and charm and fell in love with this garden and wished to return back here after their journey back home to England.

The younger daughter got ill and succumbed to her illness on her journey back home. It is in the memory of his younger daughter Margaret that Mr. Bagdon renamed the garden as Margaret’s Hope. Hence the name Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate.

Location of Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate:

Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate is located in the Northern Valley of Kurseong, the land of white Orchid, in Darjeeling, very close to Longivew Highlands at an altitude ranging between 350 feet to 6000 feet where two rivers flows by through the plantation area covering approximately 361 hectares. Because of high elevation and the resulting cooler temperatures, the teas of Margeret’s Hope is produced much late as compared to the other tea gardens of Darjeeling, which are located at lower altitudes.

Teas of Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate:

Predominantly, china tea bushes are grow at elevations between 2800 feet to 5500 feet in the garden which is famed globally for its first flush Darjeeling teas, the second flush teas and the autumn flush teas.

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Certifications of Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate

FSSC 22000 Certified

Rainforest Alliance Certified

ETP Certified

(Source: Goodricke)


Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate is owned by the international group Camellia Plc, which is listed in the London Stock Exchange and is governed in India under the Goodricke Group and Amgoorie Group Limited.

Postal Address of Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate:

Address; P. O. Tung 734224
Dist – Darjeeling
West Bengal

Corporate Address of Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate:

Goodricke Group Limited
‘Camellia House’
14, Gurusaday Road, Kolkata – 700 019
West Bengal, India


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