History of Makaibari Tea Estate

Makaibari Tea Estate is one of the oldest tea gardens in Darjeeling dating back to the year 1859. The founders of this tea garden, the famous Banerjee family’s foresightedness saw the potential that this tea garden had and was realized by the present owner, the fourth generation planter, Mr. Swaraj Kumar Banerjee, also popularly known as Rajah Banerjee. It was under his guidance and pioneering after the year 1970, that Makaibari tea estate achieved what other tea gardens haven’t through out the years. (See below the achievements of the garden.)


Location of Makaibari Tea Estate

Makaibari, where makai=maize, bari=land means the land of maize in local language. It is located in the sloppy hills of Kurseong, about less than a kilometer from the town at an altitude of 1500 meters above the sea level. The estate covers six ridges and plantation takes pace in 120 hectares out of a total of 670 hectares.



A List of Firsts Credited to this Tea Garden

Besides being the first garden to be certified for trade in the world, Makaibari Tea Estate is also the first to market Darjeeling Greens, Oolongs and Silver Tips. It is also one of the first few to be awarded the fair-trade certifications.

It was in the year 1988 that this garden was the first to be awarded/ certified as a fully organic tea garden.




Accomodations at Makaibari Tea Estate

Visitors intending to stay at Makaibari tea estate should contact the below mentioned addresses. This tea estate has a number of cottages in an area named Stone House. These are fully furnished and luxuriously maintained for its guests by 21 families of the villagers in the tea estate who initiate home-stay programmes. The accommodation is offered at USD25 per couple which includes meals. Guided tours are also provided for visiting batches.


Teas of Makaibari Tea Estate


Specialty Teas of Makaibari are

Silver Tips Imperial, which is the most expensive tea.

Silver Green

Bai-mu-Dan,  a white tea.

Apoorva Tips,



Darjeeling First Flush Tea

Darjeeling Second Flush Tea



Contact Addresses of Makaibari Tea Estate


Mr. S.K. Banerjee,

Makaibari Tea Estate,


West Bengal. India



Administrative and Marketing office:

T’Classic Darjeeling Private Limited,

AH – 179,Ground Floor Sector – II, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700 091,

West Bengal. INDIA


Looking for Makiabari teas? Please take a look at the teas listed below to see whether the teas from this tea garden were selected to be listed just for you.