History of Longview Tea Estate

The history of Longview Tea Estate began in the winter of 16th January of the year 1879 as a tea company with promises of great teas in production in times to come.


Ownership of Longview Tea Estate

Ownership of the tea garden has changed since its inception with the like of James Warren and Company, Daga and Company and others. The 1950s saw the ownership of the tea estate come under Daga and Company but the managerial reins were not to remain in their hands for long.


Location of Longview Tea Estate

Longview tea estate is located towards the southwest region of Darjeeling in the sloping hills of Kurseong the elevation and area of which runs below the Makaibari tea estate.
The Longview Tea Estate has a total area of 1,020 hectares, out of which the teas are cultivated in an area comprising 506 hectares. This tea estate has 1,244 permanent workers as its work force.


Darjeeling Teas from the Longview Tea Estate

Most of the tea leaves of this tea estate are manufactured as black tea. Rarely does the market see green teas or white teas coming in from this tea estate of Darjeeling. All the tea leaves from all the three major flush of the tea crop goes on into producing black teas.


Administrative Address of Longview Tea Estate

Longview Tea Company Limited
16, Hare Street, 1st Floor, Kolkata-700 001


Postal Address of Longview Tea Estate

Longview Tea Estate

P.O. Kurseong


Dist. Darjeeling.