Lingia Tea Estate

History of Lingia Tea Estate

The history of Lingia tea estate dates back to the year around 1867. A small patch of land in the western part of Darjeeling town was chosen by J.A. Wernicke and F.J. Wernicke, both of whom were missionaries from Germany. In this patch of land they planted tea saplings which was the first ever known instance of tea growing activity in this area.
The word Lingia may have been derived from the local dialect (Lepcha tribes mostly inhabitated the place at that time) for the word “Ling-ge” meaning ”the triangle of 8 peaks”.
The present owners, the Chamong Group, purchased this tea estate from the Williamson Magor Company Ltd in the year 2001.

Location of Lingia Tea Estate

Lingia Tea Estate is located in the western part of the Darjeeling hills near the Nepal border at a distance of approximately 30 kilometers. It is surrounded by other tea estates of Darjeeling namely, Chongtong tea estate in the north, Marybong tea estate and Liza Hill tea estate in the east, and Mim tea estate and Tumsong tea estate in the south and south east respectively.
The teas are cultivated at an altitude from 2800 feet to as high as 6000 feet, covering an area of 220 hectares out of which only 141 hectares are planted with tea bushes.

Ownership of Lingia Tea Estate

Lingia Tea Estate is currently owned and managed by the Chamong Group which was acquired by the management from the Williamson Magor Company Ltd in 2001.

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Certification of Lingia Tea Estate

Lingia Tea Estate is certified as 100% bio-organic and accreditation for organic farming, USDS, NPOP, JAS, SGS (India) as well as full recognition for conforming to the HACCP (SQF) standards apart from certifications from IMO (Switzerland) from EU.
Lingia Tea Estate also had Fair Trade certification from Bonn, Germany in the year 2009.


Darjeeling teas from Lingia Tea Estate

The tea bush that are planted in the 141 hectares are pure china cultivar and this tea estate is famed for producing some of the best orthodox black Darjeeling teas which is renowned globally for its unique rose flavour that is acquired naturally and cannot be replicated anywhere else in the entire Darjeeling hills.


Postal Address of Lingia Tea Estate

Lingia Tea Estate (Chamong Tea Group)
P.O. Darjeeling 734101
West Bengal

Administrative address of Lingia Tea Estate

Chamong Tee Exports Private Limited (Chamong Tea Group)
2, N. C. Dutta Sarani,
Sagar Estate, 5th Floor,
Kolkata 700001
West Bengal.


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