Life Benefits of Tea ?!

“Life Benefits of Tea?!”

“What the @#$% is that?!!”, you may say.

Well. It has nothing to do with the ZILLION of health benefits that drinking tea professes to claim.

We came across a post at Instagram by one of our tea friends which really did intrigue us and we felt a pressing desire to share it with all of you.

“It was a post about how an Australian elderly who lives by a cliff has prevented around 160 suicides in his 50 years of living there. He used to coax them with his conversations who were contemplating suicide and then invite themto his house for a cup of tea.”


How wonderful.

Hats off to the efforts put in by this elderly, with his experience and the art of persuasion, coupled with the winds of change brought about by a cup of tea.

Cheers and healthy life to him.

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