Kanchaan View Tea Estate (Rungeet Tea Estate)

Kanchaan View Tea Estate (Formerly Rungeet Tea Estate)

Kanchaan View tea estate is a part of the Agarwala Group Enterprise which has a number of Teria tea gardens under its management.

The name Kanchaan View tea estate was given to the Rungeet Tea Estate in an around 2002.

This tea estate from Darjeeling is a high elevation tea garden from Darjeeling, the cultivable land ranges between 3500ft to as high as 4500ft.

The tea garden comprises mainly of china tea bushes and produces some fine first flush and second flush teas.

The area under cultivation is 223 acre which is located in the northern part of the Darjeeling town. The garden has 123 permanent workers and 42 temporary labourer.

Location of Kanchaan View Tea Estate

Kanchaan View Tea Estate is located in the northern part of the Darjeeling town and is at a distance of approximately 6kms, a good 45 minutes walking distance from the town. This tea garden is easily reached since the area starts down hill from the Hill Cart road.

Kanchaan View Postal Address

Kanchaan View Tea Estate

P.O. North Point


Head office:

10, Government Place East,

Kolkata – 700069

Branch Office:

Agarwala House

Sevoke Road

2nd Mile

Siliguri – 734001



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