How To Store Darjeeling Tea Leaves


About how to store Darjeeling teas ideally.


What is it about?

This article teaches you about tea storage and the various external elements, which effects Darjeeling tea quality and how one should store ones teas to preserve its aromas and flavours to its optimal quality.




How to Store Darjeeling Tea Leaves?

Darjeeling teas are very aromatic and they tend to lose their aromas very quickly when exposed for prolonged period. Hence, some guidelines and idea as to what is a minimum requisite for storing Darjeeling tea leaves is stated here under.

The processed Darjeeling tea leaves tend to react to the following external elements:

  •     Air, and most to humid air.
  •     Strong odours around and about the tea leaves.
  •     Direct Sunlight and heat.
  •     Duration of production.


We will discuss below as to how we may store our Darjeeling teas to preserve its aromas to its optimal quality.

Darjeeling teas tend to lose its aromas when it is exposed and untended in the open air. The aromas are lost in the environment within a short period of time. Further more the presence of any humid in the air softens the freshness of the leaves and makes it less crunchy. Hence, the type of container/packets should be such that no air gets in or out of the container or packet. In one word, a container such be air tight.

The aromas of the Darjeeling teas deteriorate in the presence of strong odours or body fragrance. It is thus advised to keep Darjeeling Teas away from any such odours.

Darjeeling teas react to sunlight and the characteristic of the tea may change with prolonged exposure to sunlight and the heat. Any container, which wards off direct sunlight and heat is ideal for storing. Same may be said about freezing the tea leaves. So room temperatures or temperatures below room temperatures are ideal for storing Darjeeling teas.

Darjeeling teas have a shelf life as well and an idea about the shelf life of teas will ensure that you get the best Darjeeling teas with the aromas at its optimal level. Fresh Darjeeling teas have the optimal leave quality in that the aromas and the flavours are at its peak level. This quality deteriorates with the passage of time and Darjeeling teas are best consumes within a period of one to two years of production depending on how the tea leaves are stored.


Therefore, to sum what is ideal storing necessity for Darjeeling teas:

  • An airtight container, which prevents air, humidity and any odour to affect the tea quality.
  • Prevent direct contact with sunlight and rising/freezing temperatures.
  • Shell life of Darjeeling Teas which should ideally not be more than one or two years.



How are teas stored and packed by Darjeeling Tea Boutique?

We do keep the above elements in mind when we pack our teas.

Our teas are packed in two separate packs. An outer layer poly pack is a 3 layer pack which makes the packaging air tight, prevents exposure to air of any type be it foul smell or strong fragrance. It also prevents humidity to affect the tea leaves. To ensure that the packaging is air tight another layer (single layer) pack is used which forms the inner pack making our Darjeeling teas 100% safe from the elements.

We also ensure that the teas we catalogue are not older than one year, which thus ensures that our teas are in its optimal aromatic strength and quality when they reach you and are served in a cup.

How To Store Darjeeling Tea Leaves
An article about how one should ideally store Darjeeling Teas. After reading this article, any one will be able to store and better understand the tricks on storing Darjeeling tea leaves