1. Cool the boiled water to about 60 to 70 degree centigrade because green teas requires lower temperatures to extract the health elements out into the water. Higher temperature yields bitter liquors.
  2. Choose an open vessel, preferably a  copper vessel, for brewing. Wider vessels allows the loose leaves to unfurl completely thereby presenting the optimum satisfaction to your cups.
  3. Add about a teaspoonful to a cup of water (For high quality fine loose leaf teas such as the Darjeeling tea. For broken leaves or others, half a tea spoon would suffice.)
  4. Steep the leaves in the above mentioned vessel with a lid covering for about 3 minutes for fine teas. (For broken or others anything between half a minute to two minutes would give the desired results). To make sugar less green teas, the rule of Two-thirds needs to be followed where the green tea leaves are brewed for two-third of the actual steeping time.
  5. Strain them in a wide open cup. (Because this allows the aromas to reach the olfactory organs much better and also allows a better view of the colouring effect the tea has. Teas are to be savoured with optimum senses. How many can you involve?)
  6. Your elixir is now ready to be enjoyed. Pamper yourself to this one of a kind flavour in a relaxed frame of mind because tea and tensions, never were friends.
  7. Cheers to your health. Happy Sipping.