The benefits of drinking this spring Darjeeling Tea of the season (2012) are innumerous. We would be doing injustice by not trying to mention those innumerous other benefits which still are in-waiting to occupy a place in this never ending list.


1.For those who suffer from mouth diseases, this black from the Darjeeling “ stable” can over-power Plaque, Cavities and  various Gum disease.

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry have found that the Poly-phenols in black tea killed or suppressed cavity-causing bacteria from either growing or producing acid reducing plaque build up and helped bacteria control.


2.For those sensitive to common colds, flu coughs and other infections which hint to the diminishing capacity of their WBC hence their immune system, this wonder drink is capable of boosting the immune systems.

Researchers have found that Theanine may help the body’s immune system response when fighting infection, by boosting the disease-fighting capacity of gamma delta T cells.


3. This tea appearing light coppery shade of brown but amusingly named black is capable of warding the flu virus. “To boost your fight against the flu: Drink black tea.” That is what have been advised by researchers on tea. People who gargled with a black tea extract solution twice or thrice a day showed a higher immunity to flu virus.


4. For all those workaholics and non-workaholics as well, this gem lowers stress hormone levels and boosts your productivity by kicking the butt of the so called “side-effects-of-modern-life”.

Drinking black tea leads to lowering the levels of the stress hormone cortisol after a stressful event.


5. A daily cup of black tea can help stop excess iron damaging the bodies of people who suffer from hemochromatosis due to its high content of flavonoids which limit iron absorption.


6.Drinking three or more cups of black tea per day can reduce the risk of suffering a stroke by as much as 21% according to researchers at theUniversity of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Drinking just one cup of regular, black tea per day may help to protect against cardiovascular disease. Researchers showed that black tea consumption improves blood vessel reactivity, reducing both blood pressure and arterial stiffness.