Glenburn Tea Estate

History of Glenburn Tea Estate

The history of Glenburn tea estate, in Darjeeling, goes back to almost 150 years. This is a heritage tea estate which has been owned by The Prakash. This business house has been running the affairs of the Glenburn tea estate for generations and the present generation in charge happens to be the fourth.

Location of Glenburn Tea Estate

Glenburn Tea Estate may be reached from Darjeeling town which is located to the north. It is flanked by Sikkim to the north. The nearest tea estate is Badamtam Tea Estate to the east.

Ownership of Glenburn Tea Estate

Glenburn tea estate is presently owned by the Prakash family and this tea garden has been their family business for the past four generations.

Area and Altitude of Glenburn Tea Estate

The altitude of Darjeeling teas grown at Glenburn tea estate is approximately from 1000 ft to as high as 3000 ft.

The total area covered by this tea estate is approximately 1600 acres but the area under which Darjeeling teas bushes are cultivated is one-fifth of the total areas, which comes to an approximate area covering of 400 acres.

Teas Grown at Glenburn Tea Estate

Glenburn tea estate is famous for its exquisite first flush black teas. Apart from the black teas from the first flush crop, the other teas grown at this picturesque tea estate are, the second flush black teas, autumn flush black teas, green tea and white teas.

One of most notable and sought after teas from this tea estate is the first flush teas manufactured from Clonal bushes. Moonlight teas from the first flush teas are some of the best that this tea garden is famed for globally.

Other Attractions at Glenburn Tea Estate

Since, Glenburn tea estate is located between the sloping valley towards the north, and facing the picturesque mountain range of the Himalayas, prominent among which is Kanchenjunga, the views provided to a visitor to this tea estate is a memorable one enveloped with the rich flora and fauna of the Himalayas with breath taking views of the river meandering below.

Apart from providing exquisite teas to the tea lovers globally, this tea estate is famed as a luxurious holiday destination.

Contact Address of Glenburn Tea Estate

Glenburn Tea Estate (Tourism Division)
DLX Ltd.
Kanak Building
41, Chowringhee Road
Kolkata – 71, WB


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