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Please find below some of the links which would be of use to all tea lovers seeking more information with regard to tea boards around the world and some which are considered good tea stores catering great tea. More links to aid information on teas for tea enthusiast seeking information on teas will be updated regularly. Visitors are requested to help us located better informative sites to help the tea community.


• Tea Board Of India Tea Board of India, under the Government of India.


• Darjeeling Tea Association – The Board authorised by the Government of India and the Ministry of Commerce, for Darjeeling Tea.


India Tea – A portal dedicated to Indian Teas.



• Chado Tea House – Premium Japanese Tea Online Store

Authentic and sophisticated Japanese tea selections All about Japanese green tea and related teawares.


Tea Advisor – A website dedicated to Tea.


• Tea Benefits discusses the various health properties of tea and how drinking it can prevent and cure many ailments.


• Tea Discussion The website For Those Who Love Tea.


• Tea Board of Kenya – The Tea Board of Kenya


•  Pu-erh Tea Online Resource


• UK  Tea Council – Uk  Tea Council in London


• US  Tea Association – The US Tea Association


• Vietnam Tea Association – The Vietnam Tea Association