The First Tea That Mankind Relished

Emperor Shen NongAs most of us know that the history of tea dates back to the 2737 B.C. era, when the then Chinese emperor, Shen Nong accidentally discovered tea.

The story goes like this that leaves of a wild tea plant, growing nearby, aided by a gust of wind, landed on his vessel containing boiling water and the resultant concoction appealed to his taste which eventually spun the wheel of ‘lunacy’ for this liquid wisdom.

The tea that he sipped must have been in its purest form, (be it in fresh leaf or naturally dried form), which had not seen the modern day of tea processing like rolling, drying, or any other manufacturing methods which we see today.

It is impossible to recreate the same liquor and experience the same taste of the tea that the Emperor sipped, but we can imagine how it may have tasted and try to imitate it in our own humble ways.

Most of the white teas which are manufactured today, are said to be in its purest form, as they are least processed and sun dried. One may sip white teas to get the taste and flavour similar to what the emperor Shen Nong experienced.


Tea Advise:  ” To get the most out of ones white tea, or for than matter any other tea, try brewing it cold. The flavours are much more pronounced and different than when brewed with boiling water. “



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