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History of Dhajea Tea Estate

The name Dhajea is derived from the Lepcha language ’Dhaja‘ which meant flag.

According to Buddhism, it is quite customary to hoist pray flags about and across the sacred regions. Lepchas, the local inhabitants of the region then, who followed and practised Buddhism used to hoist prayer flags and hence the name Dhajea which implies the land of prayer flags.

The first ever tea grown in this tea estate goes back to the 1870s, probably one of the first few founding tea estates to have come across in the region which contributed with their amazing teas as Darjeeling Tea.

History has it that this tea estate grew tea as a part of the Moondakootee Tea Estate untill 1955, when the garden started manufacturing its teas in its own factory.

Since then Dhajea Tea Estate has started to function as a single entity and a separate tea estate having a manufacturing and processing unit of its own.


Ownership of Dhajea Tea Estate

Dhajea Tea Estate is owned and administered by the Lohias under Chamong Group which among manages some of the best tea gardens of the region.

Some of the tea estates from Darjeeling under the Lohia group are Pussimbing, Tumsong, Lingia, Soom, Nagari Farm, Marybong, Chamong, Phoobsering, Bannockburn, Takdah, Ging and Sri Dwarika Tea Estate.



Location of Dhajea Tea Estate

Dhajea Tea Estate is located in the south western part of the Darjeeling district, in the Rongbong valley, above the banks of Balason river. This tea estate can be reached from nearest town which happens to be Sonada.

This tea estate is surrounded by numerous high yeilding Darjeeling teas in the region. The tea estate has Avongrove and Dooteriah tea estate in the north, Balasun and Ambootia Tea Estate in the south, Nagari Farm in the east and Mundakootee in the west.

Dhajea tea estate has its tea grown from an altitude from 2600 feet to as high as 3500 feet covering an area of 180 hectares out of the total 317 hectares that are under the administrative wing of the tea estate.



Certification of Dhajea Tea Estate

Dhajea Tea Estate started to produce 100% Bio organic Darjeeling Teas from the Early Spring of 2007.
A certificate of conformity was issued to the tea estate for Fair Trade in the year 2009.



Administrative Address of Dhajea Tea Estate

Chamong Tee Exports Pvt. Ltd.,
2, N. C. Dutta Sarani,
Sagar Estate, 5th Floor, Unit 1,
Kolkata – 700001
West Bengal. INDIA


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