Darjeeling Tea and February, 14th!

See how time flies and its February of 2014 already!

And February reminds every one of us of February, 14th, a day we celebrate for our loved ones. It’s a day not just about gifting presents but conveying and making them feel that you really do care.

On that emotional and bonding note we are listing herewith our best selling Darjeeling teas for January 2014


Darjeeling Second Flush Tea

Liquor of Second Flush Tea

With a select second flush teas available with us, we came down to these three teas from second flush crop of Darjeeling tea.

Makaibari (New) – This is another invoice of the Makaibari tea which has far more aromatic flavours than that we had catalogued previously.


Dooteriah – A strong musk is what this tea has and has had a good following since this was made available from our online store.


Puttabong – An inter-mixture of a variety of aromas and flavour makes this tea a good favourite with those who enjoy teas with ‘spectral’ quality, here its related to aromas.



Darjeeling Autumn Flush Tea

Liquor of Darjeeling Autumn Flush Tea

As always this year too has been good for Autumn flush lovers with our top two tea we strongly recommend.

Giddhapahar, has been excellent in producing an amazing autumn this year.

And same may be said of Jungpana.

We recommend both this tea strongly above other autumn flush teas of 2013 which are also available.



Green Tea

The imperial Emerald from Rohini, (Darjeeling Green Tea)

Statistics shows that there has been an incredible jump in the number of green tea consumers. It wasn’t a surprise when that reflected in the love showered to the following green teas from Darjeeling.

Darjeeling green tea from Puttabong tea estate and green tea from

Dooteriah tea estate.



White Tea

Those who have that special thing about trying and deciphering  the subtle flavour of our teas, then it has to be our white teas. Loaded with layers of health benefits this category of tea are reserved for those tea lovers who love quality in a cup. And when we speak of quality, the price becomes secondary.

Darjeeling white teas from Gopaldhara tea estate and the Darjeeling white teas from Mim tea estate are doing wonders to the health of all our tea lovers who have purchased this tea during the month of January 2014.



All our Darjeeling first flush teas of 2013 have gone out of stock. Fresh Darjeeling first flush teas of 2014 will be available by March of 2014  and we hope that tea lovers around the world do emphasize and understand the freshness associated with Darjeeling teas.

We’ll keep you updated with new arrivals.

And yes, please don’t forget the day February 14th, reserved for loved ones; for family and friends. It consumes a good time to get the gift delivered. In case you didn’t know about our tea gifts, here’s the link to it.






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