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  • SKU: SFSB22
  • Origin: Darjeeling, India
  • Type: Black Tea
  • Cultivar: China Cultivar
  • Grade: SFTGFOP1
  • Organic: 100% Organic
  • Garden: Singbulli
  • Flush: Second Flush
  • Year: 2022
  • Weight: 100g (3.52 ounce) [40-50 cups]
  • Manufactured: June 2022
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Dry Tea Leaf:

Appearance: Decked with golden tips, well rolled and roasted with perfect bloom.

Fragrance: Dry leaves have sweet muscatel fragrance.


Appearance: Clear liquor, shades of orange like that of the sun set.

Fragrance: Sweet muscatel fragrance.

Flavour: A high grade tea with muscatel notes, smooth liquor, pleasantly astringent with complex tastes. A perfect example of premium muscatel teas from Darjeeling.

No. of Infusions suggested: 2

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Singbulli is located in the slopes of Mirik in Darjeeling district at an altitude of 4100ft. This tea garden is popular for its teas with mesmering fragrance and flavours. A garden which specializes in first flush and second flush teas. A top graded tea garden which specialises in specialty teas.


  • IMO
  • Fair Trade

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200ml filtered water

90°C to 95°C

2g to 2.5 g

3 to 5 minutes
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Darjeeling Autumn Flush Tea

Darjeeling Autumn teas are those teas harvested during the Autumn months of October and November and hence the name Autumn Flush. The Darjeeling teas of Autumn are characterized by bold fuller taste and coppery liquor. These teas are also used as blends for breakfast tea or for afternoon tea because of their strong liquor characteristics.
As other black teas of Darjeeling, this tea is best enjoyed without milk.


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Darjeeling Tea
Autumn Flush Darjeeling Tea (Black)