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  • Origin: Darjeeling, India
  • Type: Black Tea
  • Grade: FTGFOP1 and above
  • Organic: 100% Organic
  • Flush: First Flush, Second Flush and Autumn Flush
  • Year: Current year
  • Weight: 100g x 4 = 400g (0.88 lb) [160 to 200 cups]
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What this Gift Pack Contains:

The recipient of this lovely piece of gift will get any best combinations of the following:

1. Two premium packs of Premium Quality Darjeeling First Flush Teas, or

2. Two premium packs of Premium Quality Darjeeling Second Flush Teas (Muscatel), or

3. Two premium packs of Premium Quality Darjeeling Autumn Flush Teas

Depending upon which is available at the time of placing the order.

The lucky recipient gets four packs of top quality black teas of Darjeeling. Packed in a wrapper with a personal message attached with the card, as the occasion demands, with added extra care to make a statement to the recipient.

Anyone receiving this pack would surely feel that they are remembered, wanted and loved.

Suitable for any occasions:

a) Birthdays

b) Anniversaries

c) Wedding Gift Solutions

d) Christmas Gifts, etc. the list is endless.

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The teas for this selection will consist of high graded teas from the top tea estates of Darjeeling. The best combination of first flush, second flush and autumn flush teas will be included in this gift pack. All teas are from single origin premium gardens.

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200ml filtered water

85°C to 95°C

2g to 2.5 g

3 to 5 minutes

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Darjeeling Autumn Flush Tea

Darjeeling Autumn teas are those teas harvested during the Autumn months of October and November and hence the name Autumn Flush. The Darjeeling teas of Autumn are characterized by bold fuller taste and coppery liquor. These teas are also used as blends for breakfast tea or for afternoon tea because of their strong liquor characteristics.
As other black teas of Darjeeling, this tea is best enjoyed without milk.


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Darjeeling Tea
Autumn Flush Darjeeling Tea (Black)