Chongtong Tea Garden

History of Chongtong Tea Estate

The history of Chongtong tea estate goes back to the year 1882 – 1883, when it was established by James T. The tea estate was run by the British company till the year 1954 when it changed hands and the garden was purchased by Pradeep Kumar Daga. The garden was managed till the year 1979 till it was to change ownership where the owners could just manage a year of two of management of this picturesque garden.

The following two three years saw a temporary shift in ownership ranging of two years of management by Chiryamar and a year by Jhunjhunwala.
In 1983 the garden was bought by Ajit Kumar Agarwal who managed it till the year 2006 when it was finally sold to Sunil Kumar Bansal and Amit Bansal in the year 2007.

The garden along with other tea gardens of Darjeeling of the Ambootia group is presently managed under the banner of Darjeeling Organic Tea Private Limited. The other tea gardens of Darjeeling of the group are Ambootia, Happy Valley, Monteviot, Moondakotee, Mullootar, Nagri, Nurbong, Sepoydhoorah (Chamling) and Sivitar.



About Chongtong Tea Garden

The garden was originally named Chun Thang, which is derived from a Lepcha name, a local dialect. Earlier on, the garden was originally inhabited by the local Lepchas. The name Chongtong is derived from this original name. This garden is located in a picturesque slope where the river Rangeet flows through the garden. The garden has three divisions Salabari (upper division), Chiyasi division (middle division) and Sirisi Tar (lower division).



Location of Chongtong Tea Estate

The garden is located near Pulbazar in Bijanbari which may be reached from Darjeeling town which is at a distance of 13 km and is located at a distance of 78 km from Siliguri.



Darjeeling teas of Chongtong Tea Estate

The teas of this garden is 100% bio organic and a number of tea cultivars like the P312 clone, Assam clone and China clone are grown. The most popular cultivar is the china clone which covers the Sirisi Tar division. On an average, the annual production of this tea garden is 1.75lakh kg. The most popular tea from this garden is the first flush tea along with second flush tea.
Out of the 960 acre cultivable land, 4 acre each is dedicated to P312 clonal bush and Nanda Devi clone. The rest comprises of tea bush from the china variety.



Address of Chongtong Tea Estate

Chongtong Tea Estate,
P.O. Marybong,
Pulbazar Block,
West Bengal



Administrative Address of Chongtong Tea Estate

Darjeeling Organic Tea Pvt. Ltd.,
20 Coal berth, Hoboken Road,
Kolkata – 700 088
West Bengal



Looking for teas from Chongtong tea estate?

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