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History of Chamong Tea Estate

History has it that this tea estate was started in the early days of 1871 under the British rule. There is quite a local dialect involved with regards to the naming of this tea estate as Chamong. The name is derived from the bird which the local inhabitants of the area, the Lepchas would call and refer to. These chirpy birds would sing and whistle and would gathered at these parts of the plantation area during the sunny months. These birds were called ‘Chamoo’ in Lepcha dialect and hence the naming of the tea estate as Chamong.


Location of Chamong Tea Estate

Chamong tea estate is located near the Sukhiapokahri area, a small town about, 17 kilometers, southwest of Darjeeling town. This tea estate is surrounded by tea estates like Turzum Tea Estate in the south east and Seeyok Tea Estate in the south western part of the tea plantation.
This tea estate has tea plantation covering the area in altitudes from 3600 feet to as high as 6000 feet, and covering an area of almost 132 hectares of plantation area of the total 332 hectares that comes under this tea estate.


Ownership of Chamong Tea Estate

The tea estate is presently under the flagship of the Lohia Group, who also owns a number of other tea garden of the region which include 5 tea estates from Assam and 13 tea estates from Darjeeling. Some of the tea estates from Darjeeling under the Lohia group are Pussimbing, Tumsong, Lingia, Soom, Nagari Farm, Marybong, Dhajea, Phoobsering, Bannockburn, Takdah, Ging and Sri Dwarika.


Certification of Chamong Tea Estate

Chamong Tea Estate has a Fair Trade Certification. It is also Naturland and Rainforest Alliance Certified.


Administrative Address of Chamong Tea Estate

Chamong Tee Exports Pvt. Ltd.,
2, N. C. Dutta Sarani,
Sagar Estate, 5th Floor, Unit 1,
Kolkata – 700001
West Bengal. INDIA



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