Best Selling 2015 First Flush Darjeeling

Best Selling Darjeeling TeaThe manufacturing and production of first flush Darjeeling tea for this year is almost over as stocks of second flush 2015 have started to arrive, which gives us an opportune time to analyse and give feedback to our tea lovers about how ours first flush Darjeeling teas fared so far.

We had a couple of amazing lots of first flush Darjeelings both from the china tea bush and some amazing clonal ones. The way the first flush tea lovers are buying teas at Darjeeling Tea Boutique, it appears that the clonal teas are much appreciated and shows signs of improved markets and demands in near future, though classic and characteristic variety from the china bushes will remain the main driver of the first flush markets in years to as the production of clonal varieties are only the tip of the iceberg compared to the demand and consumption of the tea varieties from pure china tea bush. (more…)

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