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This article will present before you one of the top blogs on tea or tea sites which will provides valuable information and are highly recommended to follow by any avid tea lover.

Before we begin analyzing and present before you, the tea related blogs, we’d like to make it clear that this analysis is in no way a commercial analysis. The analysis and suggestions mentioned here are made independently and in no way does it endorse any one or many that are listed herein. The list presented before is not in a ranking format but appear in alphabetical order.


Tching was founded by Michelle Rabin and Sandy Bushberg out of concern for the decline in state of health of the individual in the US.
This tea has more than fifty active tea experts as contributors who express their tea-thoughts via this blog. In short this blog encapsulates all things tea right from tea reviews, tea health, tea community, tea education, tea industry and tea travels among many other. A must read blog for all tea lovers and to aggregate the latest in tea.

Their mission:
“T Ching’s mission is to nurture a community of tea lovers by providing a forum for the exchange of information, thoughts, and experiences.”




World of Tea 
The foundation for World Of Tea was laid by Tony Gebely in 2008 and after and idea to create a tea culture in the US got firm footing during his visits to the tea growing regions of Asia.
His efforts in spreading the joys of tea culture in US reflects in the manner he blogs enthusiastically about teas that he likes, about the tea cultures of the world, and the blogs on tea education.
The most popular tea article that we would recommend to all tea lovers to read is about “Cupping Standards”, an article which proposes the standard for evaluating tea quality.
The link to this article is here.


Tea Guardian 
We have listed this site not because it is a valuable resource for all types of tea.
This is what this tea site says about itself:
“Tea Guardian is a self-financed, independent reference guide created with the initiative to promote better understanding of tea, the daily beverage that so many have come to misunderstand. By sharing with the readers unbiased and in-depth information, we aim at empowering them with the ability to find and enjoy better quality tea. We hope our articles are useful also for people of the tea trade and the academics.”
This site is an active place for tea discussions and useful and informative tea articles from around the world.


The list is short but does not end here, as we’ll be reviewing and updating more in times to come.
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