Best Selling 2015 First Flush Darjeeling

Best Selling Darjeeling TeaThe manufacturing and production of first flush Darjeeling tea for this year is almost over as stocks of second flush 2015 have started to arrive, which gives us an opportune time to analyse and give feedback to our tea lovers about how ours first flush Darjeeling teas fared so far.

We had a couple of amazing lots of first flush Darjeelings both from the china tea bush and some amazing clonal ones. The way the first flush tea lovers are buying teas at Darjeeling Tea Boutique, it appears that the clonal teas are much appreciated and shows signs of improved markets and demands in near future, though classic and characteristic variety from the china bushes will remain the main driver of the first flush markets in years to as the production of clonal varieties are only the tip of the iceberg compared to the demand and consumption of the tea varieties from pure china tea bush.

We had some of the best teas from Goomtee Tea Estate, Jungpana Tea Estate, Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate, Poobong Tea Estate, Oaks Tea Estate and of course the Castleton Tea Estate.

To list the best in terms of how quickly the shelves got emptied would be injustice to the tea and the manufacturer who had put in, his treasure of experience and expertise, to manufacture these teas. They were, in fact, truly the best we could have had in years.


First Flush Teas at Darjeeling Tea Boutique

The teas from Poobong Tea Estate arrived in first at Darjeeling Tea Boutique and was quick to get that much awaited privilege to satisfy the addiction associated with drinking premium and fresh Darjeelings to those first flush tea lovers globally. This tea was also the one to go off the shelves the quickest of the lot and was sold off within the first few weeks of it being cataloged at Darjeeling Tea Boutique.

Did this tea was among the best selling first flush tea 2015 at Darjeeling Tea Boutique?

For that you’ll have to wait, as we gradually introduce all our excellent teas and wait for the verdict later on.

Other teas gradually made their entry at our online store as we inched towards the fiscal ending with teas from Goomtee Tea Estate and Jungpana Tea Estate arriving simultaneously.

We had two excellent teas from Goomtee Tea Estate this season. The first one was that characteristic first flush tea from pure china tea bush, wiry and fragrant, delicately made into one of the finest among the lots. The other tea that we cataloged was an Oolong from the same garden.

“A first flush Oolong!” We remember a tea lover from United States jump in excitement when it was available online at Darjeeling Tea Boutique. Malty, chocolaty, and some subtle mix of fragrant flavor profiles.

One word to describe this Darjeeling Oolong: Heavenly.

When such blissful were making an impression on tea connoisseurs around the world, would teas from Jungpana and Castleton Tea Estate remain far behind.

Jungpana was quick to produce a series of teas, awesome in taste and flavor profile and one good entry-level lot from Oaks Tea Estate did make an entry. Castleton did produce some good teas as we came to the middle and end of April. Castleton’s classic teas made exclusively from china bushes cannot be missed by anyone who have had the hang of their taste. Its Castleton. Simple.

Previously, we had been cataloging some great teas from the Goodricke Group and this year it had to be a clonal tea from Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate. This one belonged to the AV2 one, and ask us how was it not fragrant. If a person, not introduced to tea, were to inhale the aromas, he/she were to misjudge this tea to belong to some classification or family of the genus Angiospermae or Magnoliophyta.

So to come to the best selling first flush Darjeeling Tea of 2015 for the month ending April 2015 would be two great teas. (Please note the listings are irrespective of rankings of,  whatsoever, conceivable forms)

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