Best Selection of 2018 Darjeeling First Flush on Offer

The best selection of 2018 Darjeeling first flush teas now available at Darjeeling Tea Boutique.

Premium hand made teas carefully and selectively plucked and manufactured during the prime season of Spring, each echoing the characteristic of its respective tea gardens and their cultivars are now on offer.


Premium teas from Arya, like the most popular Diamond, and Pearl and tea from high grown areas of Goomtee and Jungpana which are ranked numero uno by tea specialists and lovers world wide.

Giddhapahar as a tea estate was not far behind, manufacturing a gem of a tea this season from china cultivars.

This is perhaps the best to come from this garden which appears to have witnessed, a tremendous shift in the their quality of premium Darjeeling teas.


Please take a look at the premium list mentioned below to get a first hand exclusive view of the 2018 first flush Darjeeling teas that we have on offer just for you.