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History of Ambootia Tea Estate

Ambootia Tea Estate was established in the early days of the tea plantation era in the Darjeeling hills way back in days dating between 1859 to 1864 by the Bristish Government and was privileged to be among the first 30 tea gardens in Darjeeling to be established then. The Estate is ably managed by the Ambootia group under the chairmanship and owner Mr Sanjay Bansal, which has 13 tea gardens under its wings.


Location of Ambootia Tea Estate

Ambootia tea Estate is located in the Kurseong valley and the teas are grown approximately at an average height of 4500 feet. This tea estate may be reached either from Kurseong moving downhill at a distance of 30 minutes ride or may be accessed from Siliguri / Bagdogra.


Ownership of Ambootia Tea Estate

Ambootia Tea Estate is presently owned by Mr Sanjay Bansal under the Ambootia Group which also manages and owns the following tea gardens of Darjeeling, namely;

  • Ambootia Tea Estate,
  • Chongtong Tea Estate,
  • Happy Valley Tea Estate ,
  • Monteviot Tea Estate ,
  • Moondakotee Tea Estate,
  • Mullootar Tea Estate,
  • Nagri Tea Estate,
  • Nurbong Tea Estate,
  • Sepoydhoorah (Chamling) Tea Estate and
  • Sivitar Tea Estate.

Rungmook-Cedar Tea Estate, Pandam Tea Estate and Rangaroon Tea Estate was recently acquired by the group under Darjeeling Organic Tea Estates Pvt. Ltd., which was formed by Mr Sanjay Bansal, with an initiative of reviving the sick and closed tea estates.


Certification of Ambootia Tea Estate

Ambootia Tea Estate belongs to that tea conglomerate which stresses on quality and maintaining top notched standards when it comes to sustainable agriculture, or meeting the stringent International Food Safety Standards, or better quality of life at the grass-root level for all workers in the garden.

No wonder this tea estate pride of the Darjeeling tea, the Ambootia tea garden has been selected as a model farm for Darjeeling Organic Tea under the United Nations FAO Project. A model estate for Organic and Bio-dynamic System of Agriculture.

Ambootia Tea Estate has the following certifications:

  1. Certified by the Fairtrade Labeling Organisations International
  2. HACCP and SQF Certified
  3. Certified Organic by IMO and certified bio-dynamic by Demeter.


Hence Ambootia Tea Estate became a 100% Bio Organic tea garden in 1992, and was certified Fair trade in 1994. Apart from these, Ambootia Tea Estate has won the 2nd prize through a Global Voting process, for The Workers’ Homestead Project from Nature & More, Netherlands.

The Workers’ Homestead Project from Nature & More is a Netherlands based  independent foundation that evaluates quality aspects of organic food.



Administrative Address of Ambootia Tea Estate

Ambootia Tea Group

(Administrative office)

20 Coalberth,
Hoboken Road,
Kolkata 700 088,
West Bengal, India


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