6 Ways to Spoil your Cup of Tea

Following is a short listicle about how you can spoil your cup of tea in 6 easy steps.

Follow any one and you are sure to reach your goal.


Keep your loose leaf teas in the open:

Open Jar

Open Jar

” Exposure to air aids the spoiling process. This is one of the must-do in this list if you intend to spoil your valuable loose leaf teas.

Please try. “

Use unfiltered water:

Tap water

Tap water

” Use water straight from the tap. Disregard what the experts say when they tell you to use filtered or spring water.  

Liked the taste ! ? “

Spoil the tea leaves to water ratio:

” Using little tea leaves or excess tea leaves does justice to your inching towards your goal of spoiling your tea. “

Under steep or over steep: 

Mind the Seconds

Mind the Seconds

 ” Each teas has its own specific parameters: Steeping temperature and steeping time.

Be creative. Invent yours. “

Surplus use of sweetners:



” You like taking sugar and milk to name a few of those additives. Try putting in a little more next time. Better still gulp down cups of milk and plenty of sugar.

Save cooking energy. Save time. “

Drink with a bad mood:

” Drink in gulps and groan within. You’ll never know what you drank. “

So how do you plan to spoil your cup of tea today?

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